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About Tiernan Herefords

Tiernan Herefords is a family-owned farm started in 2001 with four cows. At the time, owners Mike and Eric Tiernan aimed to grow a herd of purebred cattle with an emphasis on showing. Mike participated in Ak-Sar-Ben, the Adair County Fair, the Iowa State Fair, and the Iowa Beef Expo with several of our heifers.

Since then, Matt Tiernan has bought Mike’s share of the herd. Our current focus is in building up a quality stock of purebred Herefords, as well as some Angus crosses. Located on the edge of Stuart, Iowa, we also have several Hereford bulls for sale, available here. To see the herd or express interest in purchasing some of our bulls you can email us here or call Eric at 515-205-6115.

For Sale

EMT Miss Rev 210G

Featured in the 2020 Ladies of the Royal Sale

About This Bred Heifer:

Miss Rev 210G is a daughter of one of our best cow families that goes back to PW Victor Boomer P606. She’s a Dam of Distinction and her sire, Revolution 4R, is a breed leader.

This heifer was bred via AI on May 23, 2020 to /S Mandate 66589 ET. Safe in calf in heifer pregnancy. Due to calve March 1st.

She will be featured in the Ladies of the Royal sale on Saturday, October 24th in Kansas City, Missouri.

Embryos for Sale From:

About These Embryos:

Last year we added Daria as a donor cow and decided to mate her with Cracker Jack, a bull we have used in the past and like very well. We were able to flush several embryos from this mating and have them in some recip cows here due in February. We are excited about this mating and look forward to the calves we will get.

We are offering some of these embryos for sale for $300 each with a minimum purchase of 3.

Embryos for Sale From:

Registration #:

Date of Birth:
Birth Weight:
93 lbs.
205-Day Weight:
719 lbs.

About This Embryos:

Paragraph coming soon

Photos of Our Herd

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Matt: 515-205-6119

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